Tethered UAV made the communication available in the earthquake area

2020-02-14 14:20:12 dgadmin 143

In August 2017, Jiuzhanguo, Sichuan province, suffered a 7 level earthquake,where  optical cable was broken by the earthquake.

China Mobile sent a high-altitude base station of UAV to the Jiuzhaigou scenic spot immediately. The communication signal could be restored at once through that high-altitude communicate relay platform. It was reported that this is the first application of UAV high-altitude base station in an earthquake environment.

As reported, the earthquake caused lots of optical cables damaged, many base stations interrupted, and communication blocked, especially in the Jiuzhaigou HeYe town. It is difficult to restore the signal in a short time by the traditional means of emergency communication, for the residents and emergency teams crowed there.

The high-altitude base station of UAV can stay in the air for more than 24 hours, which enables the communication requirement of emergency teams and residents. The signal coverage can extend 100 km², which amplifies the signal coverage in the place where the signal is not available.