Tethered Drones DG-M20

The DG-M20 tethered drone system is mainly used in the field of communications. It can carry base station equipment hovering in the air to recover the signal of long-distance and provide communication service for temporary scenarios such as natural disasters or significant events.

  • Type: Folding hexa-copter
  • Rated Payload: 15kg
  • Ceiling: 5m~200m

DG-M20 can carry 15kg payload ascend to altitude 200m within 5 minutes. It stays for more than 24 hours in the air to complete different tasks. This drone can carry different missions to meet customers’ requirements. Its missions can be communication signal test, communication device maintenance and repair, emergency communication, communication relay, aerial geography, air film shooting, long-term monitoring, police and military emergency network establishment, enemy broadcasting station detection.

We can deploy a tethered UAV equipped with Communication Relay Station to form a high altitude platform. The tethered UAV can stay in the air for more than 24 hours at the height of 50-100m, for it gets power from a generator. It is easy to set up a particular communication network within 5minites, and whose signal coverage area will exceed 2500 km². The signal can cover more than 50 km² and support 5400 users.

Hence the tethered drone can be used for emergency communication network establishment during disasters like flood, earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, etc., as well as police/military emergency commanding network establishment for temporary command.

Until now, DaGong ranks No.1 in the tethered UAV market over China, 15 Chinese provinces are using tethered UAV of DaGongfor emergency communication insurance, and DaGong became the preferred partner of Chinese main communication operators—China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.


           Parameters          Items    Parameters


VoltageAC380V Signal TransmissionOptical Cable

Air  Platform

UAV TypeFoldable HexacopterMax Taking-off Weight35kg
PowerIndustrial Electricity  GeneratorMax Weight of Payload15kg
Control MethodCable ControlRC Control Frequency2.4GHz
Remote Control
Program Automatic Control 
WIFI Transmission Frequency 840MHzCeiling200m
Ascending Speed4m/sDescending Speed2m/s
Wind ResistanceLevel-VISupport Antenna Omnidirectional Directional
Voltage for PayloadDC-48VPower of Payload420W

Ground Platform

Size875mm×982mm×835mmRetracting and Releasing CableAuto / Manual 
Cable Length212m