Emergency Communications Service

2020-02-18 11:54:41 445

The tethered UAV high-altitude base station is compose of UAV and base station equipment. It improves the signal coverage by launching communication station through tethered UAV. The UAV equipped with the base station can ascend 100m in 5mintues and provide the signal communication with coverage 50 km2 and support 5400 customers. When launched up to 200 meters, the coverage area can be extended to a radius of 7km and an effective coverage area of 150km2.

The tethered UAV can be used for emergency communication network establishment, during disasters like flood, earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, etc., as well as police/military emergency commanding network establishment for temporary command.

Besides, the tethered UAV can be used by communication companies routinely, for communication station establishment signal test, routine communication maintenance/repair backup, etc., so not only for temporary use but also for routine communication use.

DAGONG can design the carrying mode according to different requirements of communication relay, provide power supply and data interface, and realize the development of integrated control system.

In working mode, the power supply device supplies power to the tethered UAV system and RRU base station equipment. The RRU communicates with the ground BBU equipment through the optical fiber of the tethered UAV system, and the BBU equipment is connected to the core network through the optical fiber, microwave or satellite communication vehicle, so as to ensure uninterrupted signal coverage for more than 24 hours.

Until now, DAGONG ranks No.1 in the tethered UAV market over China, 15 Chinese provinces are using tethered UAV of DAGONG for emergency communication insurance, and DAGONG became the preferred partner of Chinese main communication operators—China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

DAGONG’s equipment has been used for emergency communication service during Flood of Hunan Province (Year 2017), Earthquake of Jiuzhaigou (Year 2017),Typhoon Mangosteen (Year 2018),Inner Mongolia A-rally (Year 2018), etc..