Air Shooting and TV Broadcasting

2020-02-18 11:55:26 179

The tethered UAV is applied in the scene of high-altitude aircraft position. Professional broadcast and shooting equipment are installed to achieve long-term high-altitude shooting, which makes a technological breakthrough in the long-term stable camera positioning. The tethered UAV could hover at a fixed point for a long time since the flight power is provided by the tethered cable relying on the ground power supply, it can rise freely up to 200 meters.

Nowadays, this technology has been widely used in the live broadcast of large current political news. Over the years, DAGONG has participated in and excellently completed the task of live broadcast by China CCTV, Langfang TV, Hunan TV and other TV stations.

Oct. 2019—Grand celebration activity of Chinese 70th Anniversary 2019 live broadcast

Oct. 2018—Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge opening ceremony live broadcast

Sep. 2017—BRICS Summit shooting, Xiamen city, China