Long Time Surveillance and Ad-hoc

2021-02-20 18:12:43 251

In a long time surveillance system of the tethered UAV, the UAV is equipped with visible light camera, thermal imaging camera and other monitoring mission payloads, which can obtain image information of a large range of ground areas. The 30-times visible light zoom camera can observe objects clearly several kilometers away, and the infrared camera can effectively observe the scene situation at night. With ground power supply, the UAV has the capability of long time operation. The image can be transmitted to the ground in real time through optical fiber, which solves the problem of unstable and vulnerable signals caused by wireless image transmission.

At big event scene (big conference venue, skiing/off-road vehicle rally/football match field, Water-Sprinkling Festival, and other traditional festivals) or scenes of public security tasks, the tethered UAV equipped with a dual photoelectric (visible light and Infrared) pod or HD camera could be deployed there. The tethered UAV can stay in the air at the height of 50-300m for > 24 hours, which will surveil and monitor the scene situation within a radius of 3 km. The tethered UAV can identify people and vehicles automatically and will give an early alert when it finds a suspicious target.

The tethered UAV equipped with an Ad-Hoc Communication base station can form a signal coverage area with a radius of >35 km, and stay in the air for >24 hours at the height of 100-300m. It solves the problem of communication block by unfavorable terrain such as tall buildings, jungle and hills, etc. It can form a particular communication network within this signal coverage, which makes communication possible between all walkie-talkies and vehicles. The videos and voices could also be sent to the MCS through Ad-Hoc Communication Station.