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The drone can used for pesticide spraying in agriculture. Dagong drone sprayer D5 is specially developed for agriculture use. It has different operation mode, intelligent software and wonderful working performance.


◆Environment friendly. Using UAV in agriculture can save water and reduce the use of the pesticide. To spray pesticide via a remote controller, the chance of close contact between farmers and the pesticide is greatly reduced, which effectively decreases the damage to human body.

◆Emergency response to the outbreak of the pest disaster: The high efficiency makes the UAV pesticide spraying the first choice to cope with the pest disaster.

◆Suitable for farmland: The flight height can be adjusted according to different crops without more cost.

◆Cost effective and easy to operate: The farmer can operate the UAV after a short training. GPS mode offers great help for flight stability.

In 2017, DAGONG delivered Agriculture Drones to Japanese Client.